Safety Tips


Take care with your home oxygen system as oxygen is a fire and explosion hazard. It is very important to follow the steps below to keep you and your family safe.

NEVER smoke or let anyone smoke near you and your system while you are using oxygen. Be sure to also put up the “No Smoking” signs provided to you by RHS to ensure others are aware of the serious dangers of having open flames near oxygen equipment.

Keep oxygen at least 2 m (6 feet) from all heat sources such as gas stoves, barbecue grills, space heaters, candles, and fireplaces.

Do not use flammable products, such as cleaning fluid, paint thinner, or aerosol sprays, while you are using oxygen.

Be sure to keep a fire extinguisher at home within your reach. If you have an emergency, be sure to inform the fire department that you have oxygen in the house.

Keep oxygen tanks standing upright to prevent any damage or injury as a result of them being hit or tripped over.

Safety Tips for Home Oxygen use