Travel Tips


RHS has developed an extensive patient travel program and has helped people on oxygen therapy travel safely all over the world.

Portable oxygen tanks

  1. Contact the RHS team ahead of time to inform us of when and where you’ll be traveling. We will provide support and set you up with a portable oxygen tank or concentrator.
  2. Talk to your doctor about whether it is safe for you to travel.
  3. Ask your doctor what you need to do to stay safe while travelling.
  4. Take at least one copy of your oxygen prescription with you on your trip.
  5. Before your trip, inform the travel company (airline, cruise ship, train, or bus) that you use oxygen. It’s important to speak with your travel company well in advance because they may have specific policies that RHS can help you to comply with.

We want our patients to experience a safe and relaxing travel without having to worry about their oxygen needs.

Portable oxygen concentrators

  1. Before the trip, tell the travel company (airline, cruise ship, train, or bus) that you use oxygen. It’s important to talk to your travel company well in advance, because they may have requirements that can take some time to take care of. Traveling with oxygen can be done if you plan ahead.
  2. Learn how to use a portable oxygen tank or portable concentrator. Know how long it will last. Bring refills if needed. RHS will provide support and direction to ensure you will be able to travel safely.

At RHS we want you to be able to travel safely without worrying about your oxygen supply.  We’re here to provide this support and look forward to working with you.