I am a man of few words .

But I did find your staff helpful , friendly and knowledgeable  .  I have been using the machine for 6 months now .  I did not notice much of a difference for the first month or so . I took a while to get use to the mask .   Before I stared use the machine , I was dragging my butt to bed at 2130-2200  and dragging out again at  0600 .  But now I  feel much more rested and have more energy !  I no long drag myself to bed early and feel great in the morning ! I do not very remember having  such vivid dreams in the past .


I had to build a new route around the machine , clean mask in the morning , fill up the tank at night before bed . wash the machine on Sundays . Take it with you on trips.  But now it is like getting dressed in the morning , but now I do not  even have to think , just happens

I’d like to thank you for your fabulous service and patience getting Tina 2 to be my new best friend. It was a pleasure dealing with you. I appreciate your explanations and high level of knowledge.

My sleep has never been better, I awake feeling rested and usually don’t wake in the night at all any more.

Thanks again,


The service I received at Respiratory Homecare Solutions was phenomenal! You clearly enjoy your career and it is reflected in the interactions and warm rapport I felt in dealing with you.  The entire process from testing to diagnosis/consultation and purchase of the machine was a breeze. The machine itself has made a world of difference in the way I feel. I wish I had contacted you earlier.

Hey Kayla,

My experience in dealing with Respiratory Homecare Solutions has been nothing short of fantastic. Kayla has been very organized, detailed and explanatory when getting me set up and helping me understand the use of my machine. For quick inquiries, I have been able to either email Kayla or stop by for a short visit. I always leave feeling like I’ve been taken care of….excellent service by Kayla and her team! The machine (although somewhat annoying to wear and a bit difficult to get used to) has helped me sleep better. Unfortunately, I am still experiencing consistent headaches (why I was referred to be tested for sleep apnea to begin with), but I feel much more rested in the AM.

Take care Kayla!

We are happy to provide comments about our experience with RHS.

The staff were professional and friendly. Kayla presented the test and subsequent options in a manner that we could understand.

We left on holidays right after getting the machine and Kayla kept in touch with us to make any required adjustments.

The machine  itself has had  a tremendous impact on our lives. No more snoring and we are both getting a restful night sleep.

We would recommend RHS to anyone who has a sleeping disorder.  The staff will help you  return to a normal sleep and happier relationship.

Customer Service Review

Good Morning just a short note on how I was treated by Kayla Way well I was having trouble with my sleep disorder. Kayla took me into her office and asked questions about why I thought I had a problem and then recommended I try a 24 hour test with a machine and she would review the results and then get in contact with me.

When my results came in Kayla phoned and set up an appointment with me and she took great care in explaining the results to me and recommended I take a machine home and try it for 7 days and come back for further consultations.

During the week Kayla kept in email contact with me and made a few adjustments.

I cannot express in words how much her work has affected me. I have more energy and I sleep much better, I wake up refreshed and look foreword to each day and I no longer have to have 1 or 2 naps during the day.

Kayla was very professional and honest when dealing with me and I look forward to recommending her to any friends who have sleeping difficulties because I am sure she will give them the same attention and concern that she gave me.

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I highly recommend RHS for sleep apnea care provider, they were able to correct my sleep apnea AHI from 39 to an average of 2.5 within two weeks. The St-Albert staffs are showing high professionalism, they are very knowledgeable and they always follow up to ensure everything is good or answer few questions. They carry the latest CPAP equipment models and the sleep therapist worked to set my auto CPAP perfectly to fit my needs seamlessly within my month of trial.

Management & Staff

To Whom It May Concern,

I am sending this letter to acknowledge the quality service my family received from your company during the past months from October 2005 to July 2006.

I wish to express how impressed my family is with the attitude of client satisfaction presented by the staff of your company.

In all my dealings with your staff, each member was beyond courteous, helpful and professional. From the people taking orders for oxygen cylinders and supplies, to the delivery drivers and Respiratory Therapists each person conferred a sense of genuine concern that my Father’s needs were met in a timely and efficient manner.

On behalf of my entire family, I thank you all for providing the excellent service that made a stressful time for us, a little easier.


Jerry Wordie

hello sleeping

I just wanted to say thanks to a fantastic employee. I have sent many friends to Oshawa location. The employee can do it all. Here name is Cathy . I have been in a few times with a thousand questions, she has all the patience in the world and will answer everyone of them. She doesn’t rush me out showing me all the latest masks and making me feel wonderful. The knowledge she extends to me is greatful. I have had the most delightful experience there and the most wonderful sleep, thanks to Cathy, keep up the great work. I love my Cpap.